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CNC Field Service (click for details)

A key component to our customer's satisfaction is the ability for us to service what we sell. We have a staff of full time field service technicians with the years of experience it takes to meet the demands of today's manufacturers and job shops. Our technicians handle installation and warranty service of our new machine tools as well as out of warranty service for almost any major brand of machine tool.

Our service technicians are capable of diagnosing and repairing virtually anything that may go wrong with a machine tool including: mechanical, electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, control ladder writing, and basic control repairs.

Our service technicians regularly visit our builder's factories for factory training and to keep up to date on the newest machines and to learn the best techniques to repair legacy machines.

All of our service technicians will come to your plant in clean Machine Tool vehicles and are prepared with the tools and parts to diagnose any problems and repair basic problems on the first visit.

We also stock many replacement parts for our new machines locally so we can repair your machine in the fastest time possible.

We also provide our technicians with the latest in communication and computer equipment so they can make the most of their time when they are on site.

CNC Applications Engineering (click for details)

The machine tool is simply a tool to produce a part. The real artistry comes in the applications engineering. Our staff of talented Applications Engineers have the experience necessary to help you make your parts cost effectively in the least amount of time. Our applications engineers will help you design simply a part or an entire turnkey process with the right machine tool, workholding, tooling, programming, and training. All of our Applications Engineers have been factory trained to help you make a good parts that are to print specification and within the allotted cycle times quoted.

Training (click for details)

We offer on and off site seminars on a variety of areas of interest for manufacturers and machine shops.

Credit Card Payment Options (click for details)

We offer convenient credit card payment options, including Level III processing upon approval.

Vending (click for details)

We have extensive experience and a large installed base of customers who have realized the value of 'point of use' tool dispensing. AutoCrib is an innovator in "point-of-use" dispensing systems or tool vending machines, with over 4,000 installations worldwide. The basic concept of tool vending has evolved into a wide variety of products that assist manufacturers in controlling perishable tooling, safety supplies, MRO supplies and other "indirect materials". The product line includes handheld scanners, automated lockers, automated cabinets, traditional vending, and robotic carousel systems.

The systems are driven by AutoCrib's powerful tool crib software, allowing users to perform issue and return tasks at traditional tool crib window while simultaneously managing many different types of point of use dispensing machines. Ask us for a demonstration of how Autocrib can help you!

Customized Reporting (click for details)

Buyers Guides, period-to-date usage reports, customized usage reports and summarized billing information are options that assist our customers in forecasting usage of products critical to their production or operation.

Consolidated Billing (click for details)

Our flexible software can help you create a billing plan that works out for your financial needs. We have the ability to invoice on a periodic basis, as well as give you periodic reporting customized in a way that will get you out of the back office and onto the floor to service your customers.

Web Order Entry (click for details)

Internet ordering allows our customers to place orders anytime 24×7, view on hand inventory, as well as check the status of previously placed orders.

Electronic Data Interchange (click for details)

With EDI transmittal of business documents, the need to manually process documents is eliminated. This reduces the chance of errors, as well as reduces the costs in our customers and vendors organizations.

Bar Coding (click for details)

We can streamline our customer acquisition and receiving process with bar coded products. This allows products to be reordered by simply scanning bar coded shelves, and allows products to be received by our customers by scanning bar codes on received items.

Financing (click for details)

We have the ability to help you finance your purchase of machine tools or industrial supplies. With options ranging from very short term payment plans to long term leases through our financially secure leasing partners, we can take the worry out of getting the right products and equipment on your floor to help you grow your business.

Customized Part Numbers (click for details)

Let us take the hassle out of purchasing by allowing you to use your own part numbers when you buy from us. We can cross reference and load your item numbers, so all you have to do is tell us what you need, and we'll automatically convert it to the manufacturers number and ship your product to you.

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Rayovac® 9-volt Batteries


 Rayovac 9 volt

Item #: RAY00044
Siae: 9-Volt
Pkg. Qty: 6

Our Price:
$1.45 ea.
$8.70 pkg.