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Presenting the CARVESMART™ Soft Jaw System

The CARVESMART vise jaw program replaces the cap screwed jaw with a quick change, repeating, dovetailed master jaw. In addition, the CARVESMART master jaw uses three powerful, from-the-top clamping elements which allow quick and secure retention of a wide variety of jaw options.

The extruded aluminum softjaw components of this system provide a fully machineable workholding zone, which increases the available clamping area while holding larger parts more effectively.


  • Quickchange
  • Extruded softjaw material
  • Saw cut any jaw length
  • Front or side load jaws
  • Easy to use
  • Eliminates cap screw limitations


Other manufacturers offer several styles of traditional cap screw mounted jaws. None of these options, however, encompasses the full machinability, accuracy and quick change features of the CARVESMART system:

IT'S QUICK RH/LH fast action screws make for a much quicker jaw change. These three powerful clamping elements on the CARVESMART master jaw operate from the top of the jaw for much better access. Our design allows front or side loading of the jaw (important when vises are mounted side by side).

Two cap screwed jaws (right) and CARVESMART Jaws (center and left attached to vise with CARVESMART master jaws). Conventional style of vise jaw can only hold two parts. The CARVESMART jaws, however, can hold two or three times as many parts in each opening.

IT’S ACCURATE A cap screwed jaw must be totally cleaned and disassembled in order to change jaws. In addition, the vise needs to be opened wide enough to access the cap screws, and relocation is difficult to achieve. The male  dovetail on the CARVESMART jaw fits perfectly in the female opening, and it repeats extremely well.

Powerful dovetail clamping allows for heavy machining. Image at right shows a 1" thick, 4" x 8" steel plate machined complete in one operation.

IT’S STURDY The CARVESMART dovetailed master jaw allows bigger parts to be held deeper into the vise. A vise operates best when the part is clamped deepest in the vise, and the CARVESMART jaws allow full depth to the bed of the vise. On a cap screwed jaw, the cap screws limit the amount of area available to hold the part. So, the machinist has to cut the part above the cap screws, which induces jaw lift and potentially leads to part slippage.

Soft jaw extrusions are available up to 2 1/4" tall for larger parts.


See how the CARVESMART system can help your machine shop simplify set-ups, reduce downtime and improve part quality -- all with a less expensive jaw. For more information and videos, or to shop our products, please visit our online store!

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